11 Benefits of Exercise and Sports

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Western people don’t excercise enough. This manifests itself in various problems such as overweight and mood problems. What are the benefits that sports give us so that we can maintain this lifestyle?

Feelgood hormones make you happy
Movement causes the production of neurotransmitters, which makes us feel better and allows the antidepressants to stand.

Works connecting
Whether you play football, ride a bike or exercise, you easily meet other people during exercise, which means you have more contact with the outside world. Contact with the outside world gives people a good feeling. If you do a social sport like football, then this effect is even more powerful.

Exercise ensures that the lymphatic system starts flowing so that your body can deal with toxins. As a bonus, extra toxins also leave through sweat.

By exercising you not only make substances that give your body a relaxed feeling but you also immediately clear your head. With an empty head, you can then look fresh at your challenges and gain new insights and points of view.

You look better
By exercising you keep on weight, and your body gets curves which makes you more attractive to the opposite sex.

More confidence
By exercising you not only look better, but you also become more powerful. This physical aspect works through to the mind, which creates more self-confidence.

More energy
Exercising gives better fitness and endurance, which means you are less likely to be beaten by the daily work that lies ahead.

Better sleep
Because exercise requires an effort from the body to get to the next level, your body will want to rest better at night. This usually works better by reducing the amount of stress.

More perseverance
When exercising, the persistence element often comes around. Firstly, if you want to build up a condition, then it is wise to stimulate your body with regularity, and that requires certain perseverance. Also, the effort itself also needs a bit of perseverance from the mind because it is often heavy and we humans are usually a little lazy by nature.

The stabilisation of the hormones
Mainly for the elderly, exercise can be very healing because it causes more production of rejuvenating hormones. If a 60-year-old man decides to start exercising again, he will receive the testosterone level after 6 weeks from a 30-year-old man. This has the advantage that libido and hormonal protection return to this person’s life.

Improved brain function
Almost every sport appeals to motor skills and stimulates the brain. Stimulating the brain by relying on coordination and increasing blood circulation increase intelligence and memory.

I am opposed to excessive exercise. Many athletes become very fanatic and soon start to exaggerate. When I talk about sports, I talk more about moving and not stressing and unbalancing your body. Exaggerated exercise means a higher risk of injury and a hormonal imbalance. We have been made evolutionary to use the body and energy sparingly. Extremely long cardio or endurance sports sessions are not recommended because this is a major source of stress for the body.

Take a good look at what suits you, is this solo or in a team? Are you going to the competition or more fun? Indoor or outdoor sports? If you have an answer to this, take some trial lessons and look at different clubs to see which atmosphere appeals to you.

If you have trouble getting started, consider what your current behaviour will bring you in the long term. Do you want that? Also, consider what you get in return. Do you want that? The one will be prodded for more self-confidence, while the other would prefer to revive the social life.

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