7 Essentials Things You Need to Know Before Getting Lip Injections

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Getting lip injections is a commitment since they last for a quite a while and can drastically change your appearance. It is always a bad idea to commit to something as grave as getting lip injections to go in without any knowledge about it. Given below is a list of everything that you must know about lip injections before getting one.

1. You need to prepare yourself physically and mentally.
You must think long and hard about how big you want your lips to look like. How big should your lower lip be? How big your upper lip be? Does one of your lip even need a filler or not? You need to make up your mind. Apart from the physical prep, you need to physically prepare yourself for the appointment too.
For that purpose, you will have to avoid the intake of vitamin E, aspirin, multivitamins, Aleve, and fish oil for at least a week before and after your appointment. Other than this, you will also have to avoid alcohol to prevent bruising.

2. Do not bring a picture with you.
Just like when you go to a hairstylist, you might take a picture of that hairstyle with you to give them a look at what you want them to achieve. The same is not a good idea with cosmetologist because it will not help them in any way. Everyone has different anatomy and has a different facial shape. So, the lips that look amazing on Kylie Jenner might look horrible on you.

3. It is not going to be cheap.
Research before you are billed and that bill takes you to a shook mental space and not only breaks your budget but, puts you into debt as well. Just because everyone on Instagram is getting lip injections, it does not mean that it is cheap. You might be able to afford one syringe roughly, but, there is a high chance that you will need 2 or three syringes to attain your desired result.

4. The lip injection does not have everlasting effects.
The effects of a lip injection can last for 6 months or several more months, but, they are bound to fade away. Sometimes, they start fading away after 3 months. This entirely depends on the formula that is being used in your lip injections. Furthermore, it also depends on your metabolism.

5. Minimal care is required after the session.
You do not have to take a lot of care after getting your lip injections. All you need to do is to avoid taking aspirins, vitamin E, multivitamins, Aleve, and fish oil until a week after the appointment. Other than that, keep icing your lips to help with the swelling.

6. Do not get injected in one go.
It is always better to take your syringes gradually to avoid overfilling, which can completely ruin your look. Hence, ask your cosmetologist to give your gradual dosages.

7. You can bruise.
If you have sensitive skin, then the chances of your skin bruising are high.

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