7 Make-Up Myths That Are True

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Some make-up myths sound like the make-up industry made them up. The claims in this article are true. Remember them if you want to maintain healthy skin.
Beauty tips are everywhere. Many are passed on from generation to generation. Some of these are 100% myth, but others are 100% true. No matter how crazy they may sound. We give you some make-up myths that are true, with explanations why. Remember them, because your health and appearance may depend on it.

7 make-up myths and their truths
1. Replace your mascara every 3 months
Do you know those make-up myths that sound as if they were purely designed to let you buy more make-up? It sounds like this is one of these, but it is true: after 3 months of use, you should throw away your mascara.

Mascara is fluid, and that makes them a perfect home for bacteria. If you take the brush out of the tube every day, you then use bacteria to settle in the tube. After 3 months, mascara can give you an eye infection.

Do you have red, irritated or burning eyes?

Then try to remember when you started using your current mascara.
Remember that if you keep make-up in an unhygienic or polluted environment, this will not benefit the shelf life.
2. The use of a toner is necessary for every skin type
There is a kernel of truth in this myth. It originated from the fact that face toners were originally designed to prevent greasy skin and acne. That is why some people now think that they do not have to use a toner if they do not have oily skin.

Toners are available for all skin types and all kinds of disorders. You only have to choose the right one:

Do you want to exfoliate your skin, or is your skin greasy? Then use ingredients such as salicylic acid, glycolic acid or lactic acid.
Is your skin irritated? Then use a toner with chamomile, cucumber or vitamin E.
Do you want to inject extra moisture? Then try a toner with glycerine, hyaluronan and rose water.
Do you suffer from age spots? A toner with vitamin C can come in handy.

3. Toothpaste can help to remove pimples
Of all make-up myths, does this sound the most false, does not it? In reality, toothpaste contains hydrogen peroxide and triclosan. These substances are perfect for drying out pimples.

Toothpaste is also antibacterial. This can help prevent the outbreak of pimples. Well, there is nothing in toothpaste that is more effective than more common treatments.

Even though it has a drying effect, toothpaste can irritate sensitive skin and make it red and scaly.
Do you have these symptoms? Then change toothpaste or use a different product.

4. Red nail polish makes your nails turn yellow
This make-up myth is also true. Nails absorb the pigment from nail polish.

You can best prevent discolouration by first applying a transparent base layer. This coating will absorb the excess pigment and protect your nails.
Have you forgotten to apply a base layer? Then remove your red nail polish as soon as possible.

5. Going to bed with make-up on ensures blackheads
This myth seems like a marketing trick to sell make-up removers. It’s still true. Your skin repairs itself at night. Dead skin cells are rejected so that new ones can be replaced.

If your skin is covered with make-up, your pores will be blocked, and the regeneration process will be prevented. So, are you too tired to completely remove your makeup before bedtime? Then try to remove at least the most with a cotton ball and some warm water.

6. Waxing causes hairs to grow less quickly
Waxing is more effective than shaving because it tackles the hairs from the root. This means that it takes longer before they become visible again. Okay, regular waxing does not completely stop hair growth.

It can, however, lead you through life for a long time. This is because it, again and again, weakens the hair and damages the hair follicles. In this way, it prevents her from quickly growing back.

7. Over time, your skin becomes accustomed to skin care products
Some make-up myths are half-truths. This is one of them. Depending on which ingredients it contains, it is possible that your skin gets used to your skin care products. Especially if they contain vitamin A.

This does not happen with other ingredients, such as:

moisturizing creams
Nevertheless, the results of certain beauty products can stagnate. This is because they have reached the point where they can no longer make changes in your skin.

If this happens, you have to choose another product to see progress again. Try different active ingredients or ask a dermatologist for suggestions.

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