8 Beauty Blunders That Make You Look Older

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We dream of youthful skin, pay attention to our diet and get all kinds of effective creams in the house. At least, that’s what we think. Because do we do it right? A research put the eight biggest beauty blunders in a row below that do not make you look younger but older!

1. Use makeup as sun protection

Although many makeup products claim to have a very strong SPF, this is far from enough for a sunny day. If you want to defend yourself entirely from the sun, you really should buy a good sunscreen. If you do not do this, the brown spots, fine lines and enlarged pores will sooner or later appear unsolicited.


Lubricate yourself every day (even if it is cloudy) and then apply your makeup.

2. Smoking

Delicious on the terrace with a healthy meal salad for you and the sun in your face. And that includes a nice cigarette. You may feel it coming, but smoking – along with UV radiation – is the worst for your skin and has a significant impact on premature skin ageing.


Well, you do not have to be a beauty expert for that; do not smoke?

3. Rub in your eyes

We already knew that the eye area is sensitive. We also use massively expensive eye creams to prevent accelerated skin ageing around the eyes. But did you already know that rubbing in your eyes also causes older-looking eyes? For example, according to dermatologist Jeanine Downie, all that rubbing and stretching is under the eyes of dark circles. The more frequently you do it, the more likely it is that they will remain permanent. It also causes those dreaded lines and wrinkles!


We can not make it simpler: stay away from your eyes! Also, when applying make-up and inserting lenses, always make sure that you handle the area around your eyes carefully. Tip: do not forget your sunglasses on sunny days to slow down skin ageing around the eyes.

4. Sleep too little

A good night’s rest is essential for sufficient energy, concentration and a beautiful complexion. In the night your skin gets the chance to renew itself so that – provided you sleep enough – you look fresh and fruity the next day. If you do not do this, full bags or dark circles appear under the eyes, and your face will get a gritty complexion. And these do not make you look youthful.


Make sure you sleep no less than 7 hours a night and make your bedroom dark, calm and quiet before bedtime.

5. Sleep on your side

Oh, how beautiful we are on our side. Unfortunately, it causes wrinkles in the long term. This also applies to the belly sleepers. According to doctors, this is because we are pressed against our pillow all night with our faces. This breaks the skin and causes wrinkles.

 Solution: Try to teach ourselves to sleep on our backs.

6. Continuous stress

Those who worry about everything 24 hours a day and 7 days a week get an unwanted gift from her body: the stress hormones make overtime and deliver you free and for nothing (extra) wrinkles. Not necessarily something we are waiting for.


Put on the most sugary cliché film you know, lie stretched out on the couch and relax! Life is there to enjoy, not to wrinkle.

7. You only focus on wrinkles

When we have spotted the first fine lines, we are quickly inclined to focus only on them. We thereby forget the rest of our face, while that is also very important. Not only wrinkles but also pigment spots, skin relaxation and dark spots on your face can make you look older.


Do not forget the sunscreen and use skin products that contain vitamin C and K. These improve the condition of your skin.

8. Ignore your neck and hands

While we entirely focus on our face, we often leave our neck and hands for what it is. Not the intelligent choice when it comes to skin ageing. So the neck and hands are the first to betray your age.


When lubricating the day and night cream do not stop at the jawline but spread to the neck. Lubricate your hands regularly with hand cream (preferably with UV). Make sure you have a tube of hand cream everywhere: on your desk, in the kitchen, in your bag.

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