93 police officers injured after the May 1st demonstration in Berlin

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In Berlin-Neukölln, there was violence against the police during a May 1st demonstration. Berlin’s Mayor Michael Müller has “no understanding” of this.
Berlin’s governing mayor Michael Müller condemned the violence against police officers during the so-called revolutionary May 1st demonstration in Berlin-Neukölln on Saturday. “I have no understanding when some people who are prepared to use violence take advantage of the tense and difficult situation and attack and detonate police officers, thereby endangering many people demonstrating peacefully,” said the SPD politician.

The deputy chairman of the Police Union (GDP) in Berlin, Stephan Kelm, also criticized that it was not about the political expression of opinion. The violent criminals had “abused the basic right to freedom of assembly to legitimize the most serious crimes”.

According to the interior administration, there were at least 93 injured officers in Berlin on May 1. Müller emphasized that it was essential to maintain and use the right to demonstrate and assemble even in the corona pandemic. The interior administration stated the number of arrests at 354.

After initially peaceful May Day demonstrations, riots broke out on Saturday evening. Protesters threw stones and bottles at the emergency services, as a police spokeswoman said. In the Neukölln district, garbage cans and pallets were set on fire, property damage to shops and cars. After pyrotechnics were ignited, especially in the so-called black block, the police tried to encircle parts of the demonstration and used pepper spray.

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