A mistake by the EU plays into the hands of Boris Johnson.

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Great Britain and the EU are wrestling over Northern Ireland and the Brexit agreements. Now the Northern Ireland Protocol is in question.
The anger over Northern Ireland is entering the next round. This week the European Union and the British government want to try again to find solutions to the stagnating trade between Great Britain and the province of Northern Ireland. Because after leaving the EU with an agreement, the dispute continues: The laboriously negotiated Northern Ireland Protocol, in force since the beginning of the year, is being called into question again.
Maroš Šefčovič and Michael Gove are now supposed to prevent further escalation. The Vice President of the EU Commission and the British Minister, who is responsible for implementing the protocol, want to find a solution to the difficulties in London. The problem: the EU feels that the British are not interested.

According to the current agreement, the EU internal market and customs union rules continue to apply to Northern Ireland. This is to prevent a hard border with controls from developing between the EU state Ireland and the British part of Northern Ireland, through which old conflicts could flare up again.

This means that Northern Ireland’s province belongs to the EU customs union and the EU internal market. Prime Minister Boris Johnson had negotiated it with the EU and sold it to the British as a “fantastic deal”.

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