Angry white men

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Donald Trump showed his aggressive side in the first TV duel with Joe Biden. The challenger also relied on the attack. It was hard to bear.
Donald Trump and Joe Biden could hardly be more different. Erratic, unteachable and creating his truths the one, politically experienced, surrounded by advisers and staging himself as a statesman the other. And yet the US president and his challenger have something in common: they can lose their temper in their own way. That was evident on the big stage of the first TV duel, a good month before the presidential election on November 3rd.

In the first minutes of this long-awaited confrontation, the US President interrupts the former Vice President – and Fox News presenter Chris Wallace at the same time – with consistency and aggressiveness that makes clear his strategy for the evening: “Coming out hot” it the Americans. Trump wants to run over Biden with full force, which already makes him say at the end of the first thematic block: “Just shut up, man.” Just stop talking At the end of the evening you want to shout that to both of them.

It continued aggressively. Biden called Trump a “clown” among other things. Not particularly presidential, but many of his supporters will be happy to hear it. The concern that Biden will not be able to parry Trump’s attacks was great before the duel. It was unfounded.

The term “debate” does not deserve the meeting. It was chaotic, difficult to bear, the content secondary, because the constant interruptions made it almost impossible to follow an argument. At one point in the evening, moderator Wallace, who had announced he wanted to be as invisible as possible, yelled almost to put the opponents in their place.

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