Ariana Grande Shows Letter about Manchester Attack in the Documentary

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In the mini-documentary that Ariana Grande has made for YouTube, she exposes a letter she wrote about the offense after her concert in Manchester in 2017. 22 people died in the attack.

“22 May 2017 will leave me mute and full of questions forever”, wrote Grande in the letter, which she wrote eight months after the attack.

The documentary shows, among other things, the arrangement of One Love Manchester, the benefit that the singer organised several weeks after the terrorist act. “The love, strength and unity of the people in Manchester have taught me not to let myself be floored”, writes the singer about it. “To continue in the scariest and saddest times, not to let hatred win, but instead to love as hard as possible.

” The events are etched in her heart, Grande says. “I still think constantly about Manchester, and I will carry this with me for the rest of my life.”

The four-part documentary series Dangerous Woman Diaries offers a look behind the scenes at Grandes Dangerous Woman Tour and the recording process of her album Sweetener.

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