Boris Johnson can end the madness

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Most Brits are serious about Brexit. The prime minister recognized this and was rightly rewarded for it. Presently he needs to accommodate his nation – and change.

There isn’t a ton to be said for Boris Johnson, the extraordinary triumphant. The old, new and now elected Prime Minister has contributed to the madness of recent years. The only person who can stop this madness is Boris Johnson. The British Conservatives are the main party that could offer the British a reasonable point of view in this political decision. Johnson’s victory is, therefore, an opportunity. And the fact that the victory was so clear should make everyone who had hoped until the end that Brexit could still be cancelled.

This hope was widespread not only in London, where hundreds of thousands had demonstrated for a second referendum in October but also in Germany: that Brexit would prove to be a spook. Every defeat by the government in the lower house, every misstep by Johnson – and there were a few of them – was a confirmation for the EU friends: the British had been wrong. Just as in the beginning, every mistake by Donald Trump seemed to confirm his own liberal worldview. What everyone hoped overlooked was that most Brits who voted to leave the Union were serious about their voice. Just like most Americans who voted for Trump were serious.

Brexit may demonstrate to be a mix-up, adversity for Great Britain and the EU. Cancelling the EU exit after everything that happened would have been an even bigger mistake. Johnson recognized this in all its nefariousness and won this choice with one sentence: Get Brexit done. He was rightly rewarded for that.

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