Brazil has to publish the entire number of infections again

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The government only publishes new cases every day, but not the total number of infected and dead. According to the Supreme Court, she has to give up this new practice.
The Brazilian Ministry of Health has again ordered the Supreme Court to publish the number of people infected with the coronavirus and people who died from Covid-19. Judge Alexandre de Moraes said the government had to give the figures before the weekend; the state was obliged to provide the information to society.

Since last weekend, only the cases newly registered in the past 24 hours have been published in the Corona statistics of the Ministry of Health. However, the total number of people who have fallen ill and died since the pandemic started is missing. President Jair Bolsonaro justified this because the total does not reflect “where the country is at the moment”.
The government had already tried to mention the figures as rarely as possible the previous week. Instead of presenting the daily new infections and deaths at 7 p.m., the publication was postponed to 10 p.m. on Bolsonaro’s instructions. This should prevent broad coverage of the pandemic in Brazil in the evening news.

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