Buying Tips for Your Wood Fired Hot Tub [Point 3rd is Important]

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Are you all set to buy a wood-fired hot tub for your garden?

Well, most of you have researched already to find the right hot tub, but not everyone is educated enough to make the right decision.

Don’t worry; we are here to provide you with the detailed and top five tips for your wood fired hot tubs. Following these tips, you can consider the best tub for your outdoor and make a wise decision.

Check Internal vs External Tub:

When buying the best wood-fired tub, you must know that you have two broad options to choose from, i.e., internal or external tub. In the internal tub, the stove is submerged within the water attached with a separate compartment for wood. The hot water has an inbuilt stove that consumes a considerable space of your hot tub. Further, being an internal tub, it heat-up the water quickly.

Talking about the external hot tub, it has a separate heating unit that transfers heat to the water. As it has a separate heating unit, no tub space is consumed. However, the external tub requires almost twice as much time as the internal tub to heat up.

Size of Tub:

The size of your water tub is also essential that is decided based on your garden size and the available area. Multiple types of tubs are available that you can choose based on their water capacity and people capacity. You can choose the one that fits your pocket and match your custom needs. Below is a brief table that gives you the information about the tub.

People Internal/ External Heater Diameter Depth Gallons (approx.)
4 External 5” 3” 440
4 External 5” 4” 587
6 External 6” 3” 634
6 External 6” 4” 846
8 External 7” 3” 864
8 External 7” 4” 1151


Wood-Burning or Electric Heater:

Most of you have already made your decision to purchase a wood-fired hot tub. Still, many people stay confused between wood-fired and electric heaters. Compared to an electric heater, a wood-fired heater is economical as it consumes less fuel for heating. A wood-fired tub heats up the water slowly, which is good to stay away from quick temperature change. With the change in body temperature, the possibility of health hazards is high. So, you must make the right decision by selecting a wood-fired tub over an electric heater.

Set Your Budget:

Many people are budget constraints, and hence they always look for a budget-friendly hot tub for their home. Wood-fired tubs are cost-effective. Still, you will find numerous buying options based on their water capacity, depth, and built material. Hence you can choose the one that doesn’t puncture your pocket and give you the best price deal. Further, tub features also play a vital role in tub price.

So, these are the five prominent yet vital tips that you must consider before buying the best wood-fired hot tub. If you still have any queries, feel free to share your queries in the comment section below. What more do you want to know about buying the right hot tub?

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