Completely unprepared for the epidemic

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For years it had been clear that the British health system would not be able to cope with an epidemic. And then the government chose a fatal strategy.
Boris Johnson now leads the government business with fever and cough from the home office. Britain’s prime minister has contracted Covid-19. Food and government documents are placed in front of 11 Downing Street, and in an emergency, Foreign Minister Dominic Raab takes over the business. Minister of Health Matt Hancock also has to stay at home with symptoms. At the same time, the heir to the throne Prince Charles with the virus has withdrawn to his country house in Birkhall, Scotland.

The coronavirus is spreading in the UK. The approximately 14,500 cases confirmed so far are a farce. Because only patients in hospitals are tested. The quantity of unreported cases is a lot higher, with an estimated 50,000 infected. The number of 759 deaths rather shows how hard the epidemic hits the British health system NHS (National Health Service).

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