Donald Trump Looking for the spotlight

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After months away from the big stages, former President Donald Trump gives a speech. But hardly anyone seems to be interested in the start of a possible comeback.
It seems strangely familiar and at the same time unfamiliar to see Donald Trump speaking on a stage: When the former US President took the stage at the party conference of the Republican National Association of North Carolina on Saturday evening, many things were as they were before: The American flags in the background, the sappy patriot ballad God Bless The USA from the loudspeakers – all of this has been known for years from Trump appearances. But the deselected Commander in Chief has not appeared in public for almost three months. But now he is looking for a public appearance again, unsurprisingly with an angry tirade against Joe Biden and the new government.

“Our nation is being annihilated before our eyes,” shouts the recovered Trump. “Our limit is wide open; gasoline prices are rising,” he adds. The new President Biden is doing pretty much anything wrong that can be done wrong. One asks Trump; he should have leaned back and continued the measures taken by his predecessor. Instead, the economy is now “on the way to hell”. It’s an updated decal of the tirades Trump held in the 2016 election campaign against the Obama administration.

But one thing is different: Hardly anyone seems to care what Trump has to say. His former house broadcaster Fox News does not broadcast the speech live and does not even mention it in the program immediately following. CNN and MSNBC, in which the ex-president’s scandals earned high ratings for years, do not broadcast the speech. It seems strange when Trump points to the press in the room during his speech and says: “It’s hard to cancel me when the odds are so good.” Many media companies no longer believe that Trump speeches interest many viewers. And so fans of the real estate billionaire have to fall back on live streams of right-wing media to follow the speech.

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