Donald Trump pardons ex-campaign leader Paul Manafort.

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The elected US president pardoned almost 50 confidants within two days. Manafort, convicted of bank fraud, is spared several years’ imprisonment.
In-office shortly before the end of his term, the elected US President Donald Trump pardoned other loyal companions. His former campaign leader Paul Manafort, who was found guilty of multiple financial frauds, is spared a long prison sentence. Trump also pardoned his longtime confidante Roger Stone and the father of his son-in-law Jared Kushner.

The allegations against Manafort came to light during the investigation into Russia by the former special investigator Robert Mueller. Manafort confessed and consented to help out Mueller’s group, although he was partially untruthful. The cooperation was later ended entirely. The investigators suspected that Manafort was speculating on a pardon for Trump with his lies. Mueller examined possible secret agreements between Trump’s campaign team and Russia before the 2016 election.

The trial against Manafort was not about his work for the US president’s campaign, but about his lobbying work as an advisor in Ukraine. In May, Manafort was moved from prison to house arrest because of the corona pandemic.

In July, Trump had already issued a prison sentence for Stone, who was convicted in connection with the Russia investigation. He was condemned to over three years in jail in February for, among other things, false testimony and obstruction of justice.

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