G7 countries are calling for an in-depth WHO investigation into the origin of the corona.

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The heads of state and government want to have further investigations carried out in China. This requires a transparent study led by experts.
The G7 countries want further investigations in the search for the origin of the coronavirus. In the last assertion of the G7 culmination in Carbis Bay, England, a “timely, transparent, scientifically-based study led by experts” was called for.

The World Health Organization (WHO) investigation is to be organised as the second phase of the first investigation in China in January and February. As recommended by the experts involved, the study should also occur in China, the text says.

The USA and China criticized each other on Saturday on the sidelines of the G7 summit to clarify the origins of the corona pandemic. The background to this was US President Joe Biden’s request for a renewed investigation which might have led to the global corona pandemic. The thesis is considered speculative but has been taken up several times by the USA in recent weeks.

China’s top diplomat Yang Jiechi called the theory “absurd”. He called on the US to “respect facts and science and not politicize the search for the virus’s origin”.

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