Great Britain unilaterally extends transitional rules for Northern Ireland.

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WITHOUT CONSULTATION, the UK government has decided that the transition period for food deliveries to Northern Ireland should be longer. The EU reacts angrily.
The dispute over Brexit regulations for Northern Ireland between the European Union and Great Britain is coming to a head: London’s government has unilaterally extended the transition phase for food deliveries to the British province with few controls until October without consulting the EU. Companies must be given adequate time to implement new requirements and ensure the flow of goods between the UK and Northern Ireland, said British Northern Ireland Minister Brandon Lewis. It is a “temporary” measure.

The Vice President of the EU Commission accused Great Britain of violating the Northern Ireland Protocol agreed in the Brexit agreement. He expressed anger about the “unilateral measure” and criticized the UK government for not giving the EU advance notice. The decision damages the “mutual trust”.

After Brexit, Great Britain also left the EU internal market and the European customs union at the turn of the year. The Northern Ireland Protocol in the Brexit Treaty provides that Northern Ireland will continue to be part of the EU internal market. This is to prevent controls on the border between Northern Ireland and the EU state of Ireland.

To do this, the transport of goods from the rest of the United Kingdom to Northern Ireland must be partially controlled. For example, there is currently a transition phase lasting several months to avoid problems with the food supply. Even so, many companies complain about difficulties in trading between the UK and Northern Ireland. Sometimes supermarket shelves remained empty.

The first transition phase should end at the end of March. According to this, suppliers of animal products must have health certificates for deliveries from the UK to Northern Ireland.

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