Hailey Bieber Supports Justin during the Depression

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 Justin Bieber has a lot of support for his wife Hailey, now that he suffers from depression. According to sources, Hailey is his rock in the surf in this, for him, hard times.

“Hailey will not leave him, nor will he, and she has given him so much support during the process he is currently going through,” said an insider.

Although Justin and Hailey have complete trust in each other and their relationship, ‘The Biebs’ would be a bit nervous about the fact that he had nothing on paper when he married Hailey.

“They have a lot of fuss about that now, but they will probably get out together.”

Justin and his wife have recently been spotted together at a gym in Hoboken, New Jersey, where they get boxing lessons. This would help the singer to get his thoughts back in a better way.

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