Instagram Stricter for Covert Advertising by Influencers

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Instagram will take stricter action against influencers who promote products but do not make it clear that they are paid for them. It does so at the request of the British market watchdog.


It is not yet clear whether the rules mainly apply to British users and influencers, or worldwide. But at the request of the competition and market authority (CMA), the social medium agrees to a series of measures to ensure greater transparency.

Influencers will receive a notification to confirm whether they will be reimbursed in any way to promote a product or service. Every user will now be able to place such a label above their own post.

But Instagram will also use algorithms to detect when an influencer is promoting a product or service, while the post does not have a label as an ad.

That will also likely provide some food for discussion when someone posts where a product is praised sincerely without paying. But it will also become more apparent to users when it does.

Instagram will also create a tool to help companies monitor how their products are being promoted on the platform.

The social medium will also report to companies when influencers do not comply with the rules, and to CMA itself about the implementation of the new tools and regulations.

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