Instagram will Read Photo Descriptions to the Blind and Visually Impaired

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 Instagram will read stories of photos to blind and visually impaired smartphone users, if the images have an alternative text.

For the descriptions, the social medium practices software that can automatically recognise objects on photos, but users can also manually access alternative text for the photo.

So-called screen readers can pick up these descriptions and read them to the user. With this kind of software, it is conceivable for blind and visually impaired people to ‘view’ web pages. The alternative texts are also vague to people who do not use a screen reader.

The options to describe photos are in addition to the already available text boxes for Instagram photos. These boxes are not always used to describe the photo, but are filled with hashtags and emojis, for example.

Instagram users can add the photo descriptions via the advanced settings when they upload a photo. The option is also available with the photo that were previously uploaded.

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