Is that enough?

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Joe Biden leads an ambitious presidential election campaign. But Donald Trump’s policies are still disastrous – which can give Biden hope of victory.
Anyone who has noticed anything from Joe Biden in the past few weeks and months should remember two scenes in particular: Biden in front of a white book rule in his basement and Biden in front of his garden door with a view of a stream.

At home. The designated Democratic presidential candidate has mainly been there since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. In the past few weeks, he has been broadcasting live streams from the basement or the ground floor of his home in Wilmington, Delaware, with moderate viewership. He only made campaign appearances occasionally – mostly in the vicinity – and gave a few interviews. Otherwise, the 77-year-old, who wants to contest Donald Trump’s November title in November, remained surprisingly abstinent in the biggest health and economic crisis of the past decades.

It didn’t harm him. In surveys, Biden sometimes leads double-digits ahead of Trump. Even in the important swing states, where voters are more fickle and the race should be close, Obama’s former runner-up is a step ahead. While US President Trump is misleading voters with his mismanagement of the Corona crisis and pushing the reopening of the economy against the warnings of his own advisors, Biden is silent in the background. There were always press releases from his campaign team in which the candidate attacked his opponent and explained how he would manage the crisis. But hardly any of his ideas caught on in public discourse.

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