Joe Biden at home alone

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Former US Vice President Joe Biden had virtually won the Democratic primary. Then the Corona crisis came.

One could almost forget that there is still an election campaign in the USA. The Democratic Party primaries are barely featured in the news. The corona crisis overshadows everything: More than 2,000 people have already died from the new virus in the United States, and over three million have registered as unemployed within a week. These are sad records for a country whose economic and social system already has large gaps.

For the two remaining Democratic Party candidates, former Vice President Joe Biden and Senator Bernie Sanders, the corona crisis is both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, it offers them the chance to score with sympathy and leadership. On the other hand, it directs public attention away from them and their competition, forcing them to be creative.

This seems to be a big challenge for Biden. He is less and less to be read in the news and on social media, and he broadcasts diligently. In the absence of public campaign appearances, his team came up with digital formats that the candidate should use to keep the attention of his potential voters. For example, a “happy hour” on issues that keep young people busy in the United States.

Not a bad idea in itself, because Biden is less popular among young voters than Sanders. However, not only is the title unfortunate, but the format also seems strange at times. In the video, Biden sits in a plaid shirt and navy blue jacket in front of a book wall, while enthusiastic campaign employees ask him questions in the right browser window, among other things about his favourite culinary specialities (answer: ice cream). Is this really what people expect from a potential president in this great crisis?

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