Joe Biden puts climate protection at the centre of his foreign policy.

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The US president doesn’t want to waste any more time in the fight against climate change. He signed several orders – for example, to reduce oil, gas and coal emissions.
The new US president Joe Biden makes climate protection a central component of US foreign and security policy. To this end, Biden signed a corresponding central order and other orders that are intended to advance his ambitious climate protection policy – for example, to reduce oil, gas and coal emissions.

“This presidential decree, which I am signing today, also makes it official that climate change will be the centre of our national security and foreign policy,” said Biden. He hired US intelligence coordinator Avril Haines to examine the security effects of climate change and to prepare a report on it.

The president called for a unified national response to the climate crisis. The US would have to put itself at the forefront of the climate protection movement worldwide because it could not cope with its threat. “We’ve waited too long with this climate crisis. We can’t wait any longer,” said Biden. “It’s time to act.”

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