Lady Gaga is madly in love with boyfriend Michael Polansky

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Lady Gaga (35) and her boyfriend, Michael Polansky (43), are, according to sources around the couple, ‘the real deal. Although the two have had a tough year due to the coronavirus, their busy work schedules and the attack on Gaga’s good friend who walked her dogs, who were subsequently kidnapped, Michael is the rock the singer needs.

“Michael is her everything. He is grounded and a guiding force for Gaga. This is by and large what she needs, somebody she can depend on and depend on. In addition, they are also madly in love with each other; that is sweet to watch,” said a source.

There is a profound association between Gaga and Michael. “You know what it is? He loves Lady Gaga, but he’s madly in love with Stefani, so the person she is. As much as he enjoys all her artistic creativity, he enjoys her even more as a person, the person she is. Without all that fuss. Plus, he has no problem with her being a big star; he lets her ‘shine’ without making him feel uncomfortable.”

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