McLaren Presents the Car with Which it Wants to Retrieve Road Up

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 McLaren has presented the car for the new season on Thursday as the eighth Formula 1 team. The MCL34 is, just like last year, predominantly ‘papaya-orange’ in colour and the team must deliver better times.

The British rental has had a number of very meagre years, in which it played a supporting role in the royal class of motorsport. Carlos Sainz and Lando Norris form a new racing duo.

McLaren follows the trend set by Ferrari to raise the inlets of the sidepods. Through these inlets, the cooling air comes from the engine. The high position clears the way for the wind that is led around the sidepods to the rear of the car, where it is used to generate downward force.

The MCL34 has distinctive air conductors in the space between the front wheel and the sidepods, where the rules for the barge boards, as these elements are called, have been tightened.

Also, the air intake above the head of the driver has a different shape than last year.

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