New Apple Watch uses the Same Chip as Last Year

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The new Apple Watch Series 5 has the same processor and graphics chip as last year’s Apple Watch Series 4.

During the presentation of the latest Apple Watch Series 5, Apple did not go into the chip on which the watch runs. That is why it was already suspected that the latest watch works with the same chip as last year’s Apple Watch Series 4. That appears to be the case, developer Steve Troughton-Smith reports on Twitter.


The information can be found in the latest version of Xcode, the Apple software required for creating apps for the watch. Because the processor and the graphics chip are the same as last year’s Apple Watch, apps and other functions will most likely perform exactly the same on both watches.

The new Apple Watch runs on the Apple S5 chip and has two new components: an electronic compass and a screen driver that keeps the screen of the Series 5 watch always on. The new Apple Watch is identical to last year’s model.

The Apple Watch is a growing success for Apple. The smart watch has become the best-selling smart watch, and even the best-selling watch worldwide. In the coming years there will be room for growth for the Apple Watch: CNBC reports that 70 percent of people who buy an Apple Watch are doing it for the first time.

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