One in 7.3 million

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Donald Trump has been infected with the coronavirus, and any malice is prohibited. The illness of the US president is a dangerous shock, not only in the election campaign.

Donald Trump owes it to himself if his health is not the top priority. However, decency, indeed everything that means humanity, dictates precisely this: Let us wish him the best, a quick recovery without suffering and protracted consequences – the coronavirus has already taken so many lives, each one is one too many. And yet the news of the US president’s infection brings with it innumerable fears that go far beyond Trump’s fate. And none of these thoughts is beautiful.

Nevertheless, before the far-reaching consequences can be dealt with, there is justification for worrying about his life. Trump is 74, allegedly in the best of health, but after the knowledge about the dangers of the virus at this age exposed to a higher risk of a severe course. So kidding, this is where one of the foremost trivialises of the pandemic is catching up with his karma, forbid. The empathy that Trump cannot muster himself – he deserves it.

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