Pennsylvania judge dismisses Trump lawsuit, not evidence of fraud.

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A federal judge in the US state of Pennsylvania on Saturday dismissed a lawsuit recently filed by President Donald Trump’s campaign team to influence the election results in their favour. Trump’s attorneys allege widespread voting fraud, but Judge Matthew Brann said insufficient evidence had been provided.

The judge describes the case of Trump’s lawyers as the ‘Frankenstein monster’: incoherent legal charges. Based on the evidence provided, there is insufficient reason to believe that fraud took place in the 3 November elections.

The president’s attorneys are appealing. With the lawsuit, Trump’s campaign team hoped to dissuade the state election commission from declaring Biden the final winner in the state.

The lawsuit is one of the dozens of Trump and his Republican allies filed in the aftermath of the election. The Republicans have provided no evidence for their claims of widespread and coordinated electoral fraud.

These lawsuits do not want to go very smoothly yet. Trump’s attorney, Rudy Giuliani, announced on Thursday that he was calling off a lawsuit in Michigan.

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