Prosecutor summons first witness for trial against Trump holding

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Since 2019, Cyrus has been investigating Vance for Donald Trump’s business practices. Now a jury is to decide on an indictment – and hear the first witnesses.
In the case of the investigation into the holding of former US President Donald Trump, the New York prosecutor has convened a grand jury for a possible indictment and called on a first witness to testify before the jury. This is reported by the stations CNN and ABC as well as the Washington Post. According to this, the lay judges should examine whether the evidence is sufficient to bring an indictment in the coming months.

Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance has been investigating Trump and his business empire, the Trump Organization, since 2019. It is a holding organization comprised of many individual organizations – from hotels to golf courses. Among other things, there is suspicion of banking, insurance and tax fraud in the room. Trump is suspected of having stated the value of his real estate too high or too low depending on the interests. That was what Trump’s longtime private attorney Michael Cohen testified at a congressional hearing in 2019.

According to the Washington Post, the convening of a grand jury is an indication that Vance has found evidence of criminal conduct. That could be directed against Trump personally, against the Trump Organization or employees of the holding company. However, no charges have yet been filed – this is precisely what the jury is about to decide. To this end, according to the newspaper’s report, they should meet three days a week over the next six months and listen to the first witness.

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