Samsung robot Ballie is an assistant for your smart house

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Samsung has presented its robot aid Ballie during the CES tech fair, which should help users in their smart home.
Samsung CEO H.S. ran the presentation. Kim crossed the podium while the round, yellow Ballie followed him. The camera system can automatically recognize and track people and animals. The ball also responds with beeps to commands from the user. When Ballie is called, he rolls to the hand of his owner.

Following his owner seems to be Ballie’s only function for the time being, but Samsung sees the robot as the centre of the smart home in the near future. In a video, you can see Ballie opening the curtains, turning on the T.V. and putting a robot vacuum cleaner to work when the house gets dirty.

Ballie must also work as a fitness assistant, and the robot can call in help if someone has fallen.

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