Scots signal support for Labor minority government

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Scotland’s Prime Minister Sturgeon can imagine supporting the minority government under Labor leader Corbyn – if he meets a condition.
The Scottish National Party SNP wants to support a possible Labor minority government only if it allows a second Scottish referendum on secession from the United Kingdom. This reports the “Financial Times”. The Scottish MPs in the London Parliament are ready to support Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn, as this is the only way to prevent a Brexit without a contract guaranteed.

The Scottish Prime Minister and SNP Chair Nicola Sturgeon are aiming for a new referendum on independence in 2021.

Only a week ago tens of thousands of people had demonstrated in Edinburgh for the independence of Scotland from Britain. The participants waved blue-and-white Scottish flags; some demonstrators were wearing plaid or playing on the bagpipe. According to the organizers, around 200,000 people attended the demonstration in the Scottish capital, far more than expected.

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