Sylvie for vacation: “That makes me nervous.”

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For everyone who keeps an eye on Sylvie Meis on Instagram, this is no surprise: the platinum blonde travels a little. But has anyone ever thought about everything that precedes it? “This year I had to pack everything in one go for two weeks and three different destinations: first St. Tropez, in between Munich for work, back to St. Tropez and then on to the Maldives,” says the almost overwhelmed presenter.

Sylvie writes in her column for Grazia that she has different outfits for every destination. “My golden rule for a fashionable holiday: I completely tune my wardrobe to the place I am going to. Assembling all those different looks is a breeze. Packing my suitcase is another story. I can really nerve. ”

Fortunately, the sexy showgirl has a solution for everything. “My packaging strategy starts with a stack of” night “, a stack of” daytime “and a stack of” beach “. These are three large mountains. All sets are then, with shoes, fitted in front of the mirror. A strict selection follows.”

But despite her strategies and years of exercises, she does not always manage to pack her suitcase flawlessly. “I open my two suitcases expectantly, but not even half of them fit in. Underwear and sportswear not yet counted. When the broom has gone through the umpteenth time, I manage to squeeze everything into my suitcases, but shoot the weight up to far above 30 kilos, “says the surprised Sylvie.

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