The book that was still missing

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Books about Trump are now abundant; it’s a lucrative market. Trump’s niece Mary’s book of revelations, published today, closes some gaps.
The Trump book has become a genre, a fat, profitable division of American culture. The Trump book doesn’t always work, but often and if it works, it works for months, including the bestseller list, including the media wave. The Trump Book division works so well that there have long been various sub-divisions: the Trump insider report, of course, the large Trump classification, the Trump satire, also the Trump anthem and the abuse of the liberal in Trump’s sense.

The United States is addicted to this president. They hate and despise, love and worship him, consider him the greatest liar or the only one who tells the truth. This country has been staring at Donald Trump’s White House for three and a half years, and anyone who lives in this country and wants to hear news from the rest of the world every now and then, at least if he (or she) is used to newspapers, radio and television, One problem: All reporting revolves around Trump, every fucking day or 24/7, as it is called here – because even if there is nothing new to report, you can still talk about the man, day or night.

The book market knows this, reflects it, feeds it. John Bolton cannot write, nor does he know what to write, but could not refuse an advance of two million dollars: The Room Where It Happened is now number one on the bestseller list.

Mary Jordan can research and write and gave us The Art of Her Deal, a work about Melania Trump that stayed in New York before moving to Washington to renegotiate the marriage contract from there; and who maintains a hearty, snappy relationship with Donald’s daughter Ivanka. Melania about Ivanka: “the princess” because of her demeanour; Ivanka about Melania: “the portrait” because she has nothing to say.

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