The USA publishes a number of their nuclear warheads

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Since 2017, the number of nuclear warheads owned by the US military has declined only slightly. Disarmament efforts had been curbed under Donald Trump.
The USA has published a number of its nuclear warheads for the first time in four years. According to the State Department, the US had 3,750 operational and non-operational nuclear warheads as of September 30th last year. That was 55 fewer than a year earlier and 72 fewer than at the end of September 2017. Former US President Donald Trump had declared the number of nuclear warheads a military secret.

The current number is also the lowest since the height of the Cold War with Russia in 1967 when the US had 31,255 warheads. This means that their number has fallen by 88 percent since then. In addition to the number given by the ministry, there are around 2,000 decommissioned nuclear warheads that are to be dismantled.

The government of President Joe Biden is trying to resume arms control talks with Russia. More transparency in the state nuclear weapon stocks is “important for non-proliferation and disarmament efforts,” said the Foreign Ministry.

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