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In their first television interview since the election, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris show how they want to lead the United States. They become specific on the subject of Corona.
Jake Tapper had more elegant transitions in his interviews. The CNN host was allowed to conduct the first interview with Joe Biden and Kamala Harris after the presidential election. A cosy decision, because CNN doesn’t want to be critical of Biden and Harris, at least not yet.

And so it was, very close to the people, initially about Joe Biden’s foot. The future president had several hairline cracks over the weekend while playing with the dog, as the world already knew. Biden embellished the story a bit for Tapper, and he came straight from there to a “far more serious illness”: Corona. It bumped about like Biden is currently with his unique shoe – but which he had taken off for the camera.

The rest of the 50-minute interview that was recorded that afternoon in Wilmington, in the northeastern state of Delaware, was smoother. Tapper gave the friendly questioner who didn’t answer much, Biden and Harris laughed a lot, the familiar atmosphere as expected prevailed. When asked how Harris’s husband would be called in the future, it slipped a little too much, at least by the usual standards on CNN.

Overall, the future president and vice-president tried very hard to appear as a real team. Biden had a lot more speech and added something to almost every answer from Harris. But when he said he hadn’t made a hiring decision without Harris, it looked believable. It was evident that Biden and Harris wanted to make another stark contrast to Donald Trump and his style of government clear. And it is foreseeable that Harris will be a very active Vice President because the tasks ahead of the government are enormous. And because at 78, Biden will be the oldest president in the country’s history.

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