Things You Need to Know When Going on Island Hopping Tours Thailand

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Thailand is one of the most visited places in the world. If you go one time in Thailand in the “land of smiles” you want to return back again and again here. For people who are travelling for the island hopping tours Thailand, I am writing this post; here I will talk about all the things that you need to know when going to island hopping tours Thailand.

1. Know about Thailand weather when backpacking to Thailand:
In Thailand, all of the time, there is the ocean or breeze to keep you fresh. Why does not love the local climate? Most of the people visit Thailand for its pleasant weather. You can travel here in the rain too; you will find here so many things to do during your backpack to Thailand.

2. Keep the Currency of Thailand during island hopping tours to Thailand:
The currency of Thailand is Thai Baht; one us dollar is equal to roundabout 30 Thai Baht. Yes, currency exchanges change time to time, but most of the time, Thai currency remains stable. Don’t use dollars in Thailand; you will find ATM everywhere, so try to use their local currency.

3. Visa:
If you want to stay in Thailand for the next six months, then you should keep your visa with you. Get the stamp on the airport that usually 30 days at the airport for your stay. Do not stay more than your visa requirement. Otherwise, you have to pay fine. If you want to keep in Thailand for more time, then apply for more time as the tourist. Many travellers stay for two weeks, four weeks etc.

4. The best time when you should visit Thailand:
If you want to visit Thailand then actually all time is best for it. But from July to the end of October it remains here rains, so may it will become little tough to enjoy it too much rainy season. If you want to take so many pictures and want to go to so many places in Thailand, then the best time which is advisable is from December to April.

5. Keep the travel adapter when you backpack to Thailand:
Thailand is one of that country where you will find sockets everywhere for all your electric devices. But I always suggest keeping your travel adapter with you.

6. Take your enough shoes with you:
When you are going to Thailand, make sure to take enough boots with you because if your shoes tear then in this situation, it will become difficult for you to backpack. An essential tip for Thailand that do not take your shoes in a local home, authentic restaurants, and in many small shops, leave your shoes outside in such places because it is against their rules to bring the shoes inside. Bring shoes in which you feel comfortable during tracking, sneakers, or the running.

7. Food:
You will love Thai food! Food is one of the fantastic things for most of the travellers due to which they want to come to Thailand again and again. Thai food is incredible all over the world when you get the chance to go there! Try to order most spicy food. I bet you will never forget the delicious taste of Thai food when you eat it once.

Another food in Thailand that is Street food. There is no better street food found in the world than the street food in Thailand. Street food is very delicious and cheaper to eat than many other restaurants. So if you want to eat delicious and affordable food, later try street food.

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