Trump blacklist more Chinese companies

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US President Donald Trump plans to blacklist even more Chinese companies. These include oil and gas producer CNOOC and chip manufacturer SMIC. Various sources report this, and it is also evident from documents.

For some time now, the Trump administration has had a policy of blacklisting Chinese companies if there are suspicions that they are cooperating with the Chinese military. If companies are on this list, it is more difficult for them to do business with US companies, for example, to buy parts or attract investors.

About thirty companies are already on the list. Now there would be plans to add China’s largest chipmaker, Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp (SMIC), to this list, as well as offshore oil and gas company China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC).

Two other companies, China Construction Technology Co and China International Engineering Consulting Corporation, are also added to the list, according to the sources.

A spokesperson for SMIC said the company has no ties to the Chinese military and wants to continue working with the US government in an “open and constructive” manner. CNOOC has not responded to the plan.

Earlier this fall, reports came out that Trump would have plans to add SMIC to the blacklist. This would happen because there would be an “unacceptable risk” of parts supplied to the company being used for military purposes.

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