Trump confirms part U.S. troops away from Germany for insufficient NATO contribution.

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The United States will significantly reduce the number of military personnel stationed in Germany. President Trump has confirmed that he wants to limit the U.S. military force to 25,000 military personnel.

There are approximately 34,500 U.S. military personnel stationed in Germany, mainly at Ramstein Air Force Base in Rhineland-Palatinate. Germany acts as a logistics link for the American defence towards the Middle East. For example, many soldiers who were injured in Iraq or Afghanistan were nursed in Germany.

Trump displaces the military because, in his opinion, Germany does not comply with the agreements on the financing of NATO, the military partnership. The President has been pointing out for years that European members should contribute more to the connection.

“If they don’t pay, we’ll move the military,” he told reporters. “If we are on 25,000 soldiers, we will see what we do.”

The U.S. decision has not been consulted with other NATO member states or Germany itself. Some Republicans in the United States Congress have criticized the decision, calling it a favour to Russia.

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