“Trump loves America, and we love him.”

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No matter what he says, his fans adore him: The US President knows how to stir up his base. Impressions from a campaign appearance in North Carolina
Donald Trump puts the city in a state of emergency long before he even arrives. The night before his campaign event in Charlotte, North Carolina, fans camped in front of the arena to be the first to come in and be very close to their president.

And hours before the doors are opened, and visitors are let in, the surrounding residential areas are clogged with huge pick-up trucks with “Keep America Great” flags rattling in the wind, with stalls selling the famous red “Maga” base caps and police cars that block the streets to the airport.

To see Donald Trump live, that’s what Kimberly and her boyfriend Anthony want, both in sweatshirts with stars and stripes pattern, according to their own statements, tough Republicans. “Trump loves America, and we love him,” Kimberly calls in the square in front of the arena, where the action is broadcast from inside. But her one daughter wanted to choose Bernie Sanders, the Democrat. “Bernie of all people.

I don’t like it at all, but that’s her decision,” says Kimberly, plucking her false eyelashes. Trump’s biggest advantage is that he is not a politician, says her partner. Therefore, only he could unite the politically divided country again. “He brings everyone together, have a look around,” says Kimberly, turning around on her axis with her arm outstretched.

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