US government imposes further sanctions on the military junta.

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Shortly after the EU’s announcement, the US issued new punitive measures against the military in Myanmar. Foreign Minister Blinken said there would be “no hesitation” in expanding this.

In response to the military coup in Myanmar and the army’s increasingly tough crackdown on demonstrators, the US has imposed sanctions on two other junta leaders. They are directed against Lieutenant General Moe Myint Tun and General Maung Maung Kyaw, who is part of the new leadership apparatus. Both military personnel will no longer be allowed to enter the USA in the future. Possible assets of the two in the United States are also to be frozen.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken threatened further sanctions against the military leadership. “We will not hesitate to take further action against those who use violence and suppress the will of the people,” he said. The foreign minister appealed to the army and police of the Southeast Asian country to stop all attacks on peaceful demonstrators, release people wrongly detained, stop “intimidation of journalists and activists”, and reinstate the democratically elected government.

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