US President Donald Trump Ends Negotiations on US Aid Package

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US President Donald Trump is refusing to negotiate any longer with Democrats about a new package of economic support measures.


Representatives of the president have been ordered to end talks about this, Trump writes on Twitter.

“I told my representatives to stop negotiating until after the election, when, immediately after I win, we pass a bill for a major stimulus package,” tweeted Trump recently returned from the hospital.

Additional support from the US government is significant, according to economists, to help the world’s largest economy recover quickly from the corona crisis.

Democrats and Republicans in Congress have been unable to agree on additional stimulus measures for months, partly due to differences of opinion about the size of such a package. That while many support measures from the spring already ended in the summer.

The Democrat-dominated House of Representatives on Friday approved a new $ 2.2 trillion bailout package. It was unlikely that this proposal would make it in the Senate, where Republicans have a majority. Trump says he supports a “very generous” $ 1.6 trillion support proposal.

The American president also stated on Twitter that the economy of the United States is in excellent shape. He pointed out the declining unemployment after the sharp rise in the number of unemployed in the spring. Record earnings on the New York stock markets would also be a good sign.

Investors themselves were shocked by Trump’s tweets. The leading stock market indicators on Wall Street plunged immediately after the announcement.

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