US President warns of “real war” in the wake of cyber attacks

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Joe Biden considers the outbreak of war with great power “more than likely”. He names China and Russia as possible aggressors.
Because of the increasing number of cyberattacks in the United States, US President Joe Biden has warned of war. As Biden said on a visit to the Office of the Head of National Intelligence (ODNI), he believes it is “more than likely that we will end up in a war – a real war with great power – as a result of a major cyberattack, and the probability increases exponentially “.

The US government described China and Russia as aggressors. President Xi Jinping is “dead serious” about becoming the world’s most powerful military power and the world’s largest and most important economy by 2040, Biden said.

The US has been the victim of cyberattacks lately. Companies such as the network management company SolarWinds, the Colonial Pipeline company, the meat processing company JBS and the software company Kaseya were attacked.

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