US President withdraws National Guard from Washington

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After peaceful protests against racism and police violence, Trump has ordered the National Guard to withdraw from the capital. Everything is “under perfect control”.
After thousands protested peacefully against racism and police violence in front of the White House in Washington on Saturday evening, US President Donald Trump ordered the National Guard to withdraw from the capital. The reservists would go home, but could be reactivated quickly, Trump wrote on Twitter. In Washington, D.C. be “everything under perfect control”. There were “far fewer demonstrators than expected”.

In an open letter on Thursday, Washington Mayor Muriel Bowser had asked Trump to withdraw all federal government soldiers and security forces from their city. On Monday evening, the Trump administration had a demonstration in front of the White House broken up so that the president could pose in front of a church in the square with a Bible for cameras. Among other things, military police were used. The procedure triggered criticism.

The protests in Washington and several other US cities were triggered by the death of Black George Floyd in a brutal police operation on May 25 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. After riots and looting initially arose from the protests, Trump had urged the governors of the affected states to deploy the National Guard and threatened to use the military for the protests. The demonstrations in Washington have been peaceful for days.

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