“We have completed one of the largest airlifts in history.”

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US President Joe Biden has rejected criticism of the troop withdrawal from Afghanistan. In a televised address, he praised the evacuations as an “extraordinary success”.
US President Joe Biden has resolutely rejected criticism after the troop withdrawal from Afghanistan was completed. The evacuation mission of the past few weeks to rescue Western citizens and local Afghan staff was an “extraordinary success,” said Biden in a televised address in the White House. “We have completed one of the largest airlifts in history”. No country has ever done anything like it. As a result, it was possible to fly out more than twice as many people as initially expected.

In his speech, Biden also defended his decision to end the military operation until August 31. After that, he chose to complete the withdrawal or allow the conflict with the radical Islamic Taliban to “escalate”. It was time to end “this war,” said Biden. “The war in Afghanistan is now over.”

Biden also again blamed the former Afghan government and the country’s security forces for the Taliban’s takeover. Contrary to expectations, the Afghan security forces were not a strong opponent in the fight against the Taliban, said the US President. The Afghan government collapsed, and President Ashraf Ghani fled the country. They would have “handed the country over to their enemies, the Taliban”. This increased the risk for the US armed forces and their allies.

Biden said anyone who is now calling for the third decade of war in Afghanistan must be asked whether that is in the vital interests of the United States. The United States fought terror in Afghanistan but stayed in Afghanistan for ten years after the death of the mastermind behind the attacks, Osama bin Laden. Now is the time to go. The US can no longer make the mistake of trying to change other countries through military operations.

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