What a vaccination success!

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Soon all adults in the United States will be able to get vaccinated without any annoying red tape. I got my syringe in a drugstore next to cleaning products. Europe should learn from this.
I stood in line between dog food and cleaning supplies. In a drugstore in Washington that has seen better days, the goods are not well lit; the range is not the most comprehensive. What was on offer: a corona vaccination. I don’t know what kind of training the woman who gave me the syringe on a folding chair in the shop’s corner is trained. I was also not interested in a medically quite simple move.

She asked for some data that I had given when making the appointment online and told me to pick up my written consent to the vaccination from the pharmacy area in print. If I wanted to, but not a must. Then she noted my vaccination with Pfizer-BioNtech on a white card, and we talked about the fact that neither her family in Nigeria nor mine in Germany had been vaccinated so far.

Then I sat in the improvised waiting area in front of the ibuprofen and vitamin shelf for 15 minutes to wait for possible allergic reactions to the vaccine. Then I drove back home to the desk. The second vaccination date was noted on my card, above the information on where I can read everything about Covid-19 and the vaccination online.
Getting vaccinated has become part of everyday life in the United States. This Tuesday, US President Joe Biden announced that from April 19, every adult could receive a Covid vaccination. Not only are states getting more vaccine, but there are also more and more places where people can get vaccinated. This date should be a signal, said the president, a simple message without priority groups and rules: soon, every adult in the country would have a turn. And Biden appealed to everyone to take this chance.

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