Why You Should Always Carry A Pocket Knife

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Do you know some of the old yet handsome utensil used by our ancestors?

Stones were used back at centuries ago that generates fire with friction, and there started the evolution of equipment. Today, we have multiple advanced weapons. But one of them is still ruling the choice of ordinary people.

Yes, that’s a foldable knife that is beneficial in almost every required situation. Laguiole knives are one of the favourite choices that most people prefer. Today, technology has evolved, but the knives remain the same and are still being used for versatile purposes.

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why you should carry a pocket knife with you.

Utility Purpose:

The foremost and most common use of a folding knife is on the table when you have your meal or enjoying food with your friends. Apart from food, the knife is also required to cut anything that needs to be shared within. So, having a knife fulfils your requirement and becomes a time-saving hack. There are many places like cutting cloth for a campfire, making DIY crafts, etc., when knives are used efficiently and save your time.

Convenience on the Go:

In many situations, when you are on the go, there comes a situation when you need to remove the tags from your clothes, cut unwanted hair, or open any packet. For such cases, the presence of a folding knife gives you convenience. For such a situation, you don’t need to ask for scissors or wait till you reach home. Instead, you can get it done on the go and enjoy your journey.

Emergency Situation:

There come many disastrous situations when you have nothing to proceed further. In such an unpredictable emergency, your folding knife can be a game-changer and help you in various phases. Bear Grylls in “Man vs Wild” has better demonstrated many times how a knife helped him in multiple situations. There are many disastrous situations when a knife can help you a lot from cutting bamboo, breaking glass, etc.

Self Defense:

When it comes to self-defence, a folding knife is an ultimate option that doesn’t require any license to carry. Instead, it is free to use during the situation of self-defence. There have been many ideal situations when the knife has been proved as a boon for the people. We should always pray not to face such a case, but it’s still good to stay prepared for the same.

Apart from these common reasons why you should carry a folding knife, many people are fond of knives and look forward to upgrading it. This is one specific reason for buying a new knife and upgrading the existing ones.

But buying a folding knife requires regular maintenance as it can get rust due to moisture and condensation. Remember, the typical maintenance cost will be less than irregular maintenance cost, when you may require replacing some parts.

So, stay safe and use a folding knife for good reason. Also, avoid using it for unauthorized purposes.

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