YouTube has more Subscriptions and Anti-bullying Policies

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YouTube has announced all kinds of new features, including additional subscription models for video makers and a stricter anti-bullying policy.

YouTube extends the options to subscribe to specific channels. Since last year, users have been able to join some popular YouTube channels, after which they get all kinds of extra videos, badges, access to exclusive live streams and more.

Now YouTube is adding extra options for video makers. YouTubers can now offer up to five different price points for the subscriptions. The more expensive, the more extras are included.

YouTube now adds Super Stickers to chats. Those paid stickers are better and longer visible in the chat of popular YouTubers, as is already the case with messages with the Super Chat function. According to YouTube, more than 90,000 channels have already used Super Chat.

To make YouTube more attractive for education, the video site comes with the ‘Learning Playlists’ function. These separate pages revolve around topics such as science, mathematics, music and language.

Each playlist is divided into clear chapters and has a difficulty curve. The pages are free of algorithms and recommended videos so that the lesson clips can be viewed without distraction.

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